13 Basic Detox Tips That You Must Know


Following are the top 13 detox tips to help you stay protected against the harmful free radicals and toxins that are present all around us.

1. Exclude wheat from your eating plan

Wheat is one of the most difficult types of food to be digested in the body. Therefore, you have to lower the intake to a minimum, ideally, avoid it totally. Wheat is a key ingredient in many processed foods, so be ready to checking the labels on the food before you buy it. Instead of eating bread, cakes or pastas focus more on rice and oatcakes.

2. Stop eating dairy products

Even though milk has many health benefits, it is also full of toxins as animals use the milk to get rid of the harmful toxins. Few eggs and some butter are fine but in moderate amounts. Try to avoid milk, ice cream and all milk based creams as much as possible. Don’t even think about the calcium intake, green vegetables are full of it as well, so you don’t have to rely only on milk. Instead, focus more on milk made of rice or soya.

3. Be focused on organic foods

Most of the non-organically farmed foods are full of chemicals and toxins that were used to make the vegetables, fruits, etc. grow faster. Also, this type of food also contains less vitamins and nutrition than the organic alternatives.

4. Fewer additives

Nowadays, there is a trend to use different colouring and flavouring ingredients to make the food taste / smell better. Because these ingredients are not natural, body does not recognize them so there is a risk they will become toxic.

5. Read what you eat

Always read the label before you throw the food into your shopping cart. If the food contains even a small amount of hydrogenated fats, don’t buy it and instead find an alternative without these chemicals. Hydrogenated fats were proven to be carcinogenic and increase the risk of different heart issues. Some countries are banning these fats.

6. Eat less meat

This one is though to follow as most of us just love a big and juicy steak. However, fatty meat is seriously harming your health. Once you can’t avoid meat totally, choose some lean meat. Most of the fatty meats contains moderate amount of salt, that’s why the meat should be avoided. Instead choose some healthier alternatives such as beans or peas.

7. Opt for healthier accessories

Opt for natural household appliances and garden accessories instead of conventional brands. If you are gardening, never use pesticides close to your household.

8. Don’t use toxic and harmful cosmetics

Most of the cosmetics used today are full of chemicals and toxins. Actually, it is hard to get some without these harmful compounds. When you use such makeup, perfume or aftershave, these chemicals are absorbed through the skin into the body. Try to get alternatives based on natural ingredients, or use the chemicals-based reasonably.

9. Natural food storing

Plastic bags and containers are widely used to store food. The food stored in such a bag can absorb a small amount of chemicals and toxins, therefore it is better to opt for healthier storing alternative in the form of ceramic containers.

10. More water

There is a trend nowadays to drink only bottled mineral waters bought in plastic or glass bottles. Event though these waters have their health benefits, they do not contain all the vitamins and minerals needed. Therefore, people definitely need to start drinking more home water as it contains a moderate amount of nutrient and minerals.

11. Take detox supplements

Even though the human body has its own natural detox capabilities, it is absolutely nothing wrong when you boost its power with some natural supplement. There are many alternatives such as green tea pills or green coffee pills, or some fruits full of antioxidants such as acai or maqui berries.

12. Less fried food

Always cook the food lightly and try to avoid frying, grilling and baking as much as possible. During all these cooking methods harmful free radicals are created and absorbed by the food.

13. Less television and cell phone usage

Cell phones and television should not be in your bedroom. Even not proven yet, there are thought that electronic radiance around these appliances could be carcinogenic, thus cancer forming.