Know Different Types of Epilators and Best One Out of These for You

An epilator is an electric device, which is used to remove unwanted hairs. Epilator works in the same way as waxing. In waxing, the cells are removed along with the hairs from the epithelium of the epidermis. But the hair removal using epilator is very safe, painless and hygienic.

The new advancements done in epilators allow them to work in wet as well as in dry condition. There are different types of epilators available, which are differentiated on the basis of hair removal part of the epilator. With time, there were different improvements in the new epilators. Following is the list of different epilator used overtime:

  • Spring type: This was the first type of epilator. It was very much similar to the threading. It contained a spring, which worked as the thread. When the spring was made into a curve, then it squeezed from one side and its other side remained flexed. Now the motor rotated the spring and this rotating spring when moved along the skin it caught some hairs and pulled them out. It was very basic idea to remove hairs. Now there are manual epilators, which do not need electricity to work. Though now there are more advance and improved methods than this method of hair removal based on spring.
  • Tweezers containing: These types of epilators were an improvement of disc containing epilator which was loosely based on the spring type epilators. The disc containing epilator consisted of a motor that rotated the disc and these discs removed hairs by pulling them out similar to spring type epilators. Later the disc of disc containing epilator was divided into multiple discs. The head of modern epilator has a series of metal plates. These metal plates work as tweezers. When the head rotates, the tips of plates also rotate with it. The hairs which are caught in between the plates are removed from the skin same as with the tweezers. It is very safe and painless method. This type of epilators has many functions, which make this efficient, time saving and easy to use.
  • To be used in wet: At the start, the epilators were designed to work in dry conditions only. But this way is more painful because the wet hairs are easy to cut. With the use of cream or gel the pain can be reduced and the irritation can be prevented. Also if a rechargeable epilator can be used in wet conditions than one can use it while showering which saves times.

Now to talk about the best of these above mentioned types of epilators, clearly the wet and dry usable epilator with more than 40 tweezers is the best option. There are a number of options available according to your needs and requirements. The tweezers containing epilator is painless and easy to use. It is safe to use due to its working technique. It can help you get smooth skin in just a couple of minutes.