How to make a natural oatmeal soap to exfoliate the skin


 Making natural oatmeal soap has many advantages for skin care. The best part is that it is very economical and its ingredients do not contain aggressive chemicals

How to make a natural oatmeal soap to exfoliate the skin


Regular use of natural oatmeal soap can help eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin. Although in the market there are many exfoliating products with the same purpose, this soap is inexpensive and is free of aggressive chemicals. Lipo Sculpt Surrey Hifu


Oats are one of the most recommended ingredients for skin care, as it is moisturizing and does not cause allergies. It is full of nutrients that, after being assimilated, promote the regeneration of tissues to prevent premature wrinkles.



While these properties have been used in the cosmetic industry for decades, its use in its natural state remains in force as one of the best options to beautify the skin without risking unwanted reactions.


How to prepare natural oatmeal soap at home? Whether you want to avoid chemicals or because you want to save, there is a very simple way to make an artisanal soap that is economical and full of benefits. Do not hesitate to try it!



Benefits of natural oatmeal soap to exfoliate the skin

Natural oatmeal soap is a product that has gained fame in recent years. Its gentle formula and free of harmful chemicals allows its application even on sensitive skin or susceptible to dryness.


In cosmetic stores and supermarkets there is much soap that have similar characteristics. The drawback is that several contain additives that alter the pH or produce allergic reactions.


Therefore, although it is necessary to invest a little time in its preparation, many are choosing to use this natural option. In this way you can exfoliate the skin regularly and, by the way, get other interesting benefits.


Skin free of dead cells


The most outstanding quality of natural oatmeal soap is its ability to remove dead cells that are retained in the skin. Due to its astringent compounds, it deeply cleanses the pores and improves the skin texture.


Its nutrients minimize the negative impact of free radicals and, by promoting the oxygenation of tissues; help prevent the onset of premature signs of age and imperfections.


Soothing for irritation and itching

Unlike many ingredients of chemical origin, oats do not alter the cutaneous pH . In fact, its application has a positive effect in the treatment of allergic reactions that produce irritation and itching.

Its properties help restore the skin’s natural moisture and promote the relief of excess dryness, burns and hives. It has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect that, in addition, favors the healing of small wounds.


Solution against excess fat


The astringent qualities of natural oatmeal soap are an alternative solution for the excessive production of fat. Its direct application acts in a positive way on the activity of the sebaceous glands.


As a result, the skin looks fresh longer and without the shiny appearance of excess sebum. In addition, many residues are removed from the pores and decreases the appearance of acne and blackheads.


How to prepare natural oatmeal soap at home?



To enhance the benefits of oats on the skin we can add other healthy ingredients such as honey and vitamin E oil to the soap. Of course, if you prefer to use only oatmeal, you can do it.



1 bar of glycerin soap (300 g).

3 tablespoons oat flakes (45 g).

4 tablespoons of honey (80 g).

1 capsule of vitamin E.



Grate a bar of glycerin soap and put it in a microwave-safe container.

Melt the soap by putting it a couple of minutes in the heat and then mix it with the oatmeal flakes and the honey spoons.

Remove a few minutes with a tablespoon of wood, until everything is well integrated.

Add the contents of a vitamin E capsule and keep stirring.

After obtaining a uniform product, pour it over the soap molds and wait for it to settle.