Men Can Also Have Cryolipolysis

Men have problem areas of fat, but they don’t talk about it a lot. Liposuction is a time-consuming process that requires uncomfortable post-surgical garments and time off work. Cryolipolysis can help them get similar results, making it a friendly option for men.

Fat cells are crystallized through controlled freezing. The body gradually gets rid of the crystallized fat cells naturally through urine. Cryolipolysis can be used to treat nine different areas – the thighs, bra fat, double chin, below the jawline, upper arms, banana roll, back, abdomen and flanks. The treatment affects only fat cells, so it doesn’t have any effect on the muscles, nerves and skin. The clinic that offers the process proposes a treatment plan during the initial consultation. If the patient decides to proceed, then an appointment is made to schedule the treatment. The applicator’s position is marked on the patient’s body. The underlying fatty tissue and the skin are softly sucked between the cooling plates. The cooling process then starts. The treatment is safe and comfortable. If you get bored during treatment, you can read a magazine or book to pass the time. Cryolipolysis takes 35 minutes to an hour. It depends on the number of areas to be treated. There’s no immediate noticeable effect after treatment, as the fat cells need time to decompose and be eliminated naturally, so it may take weeks before you finally see the results. Why Choose Cryolipolysis Over Liposuction?Cryolipolysis is safe and painless. Unlike liposuction, it doesn’t require any anesthetic or invasive surgery. You can continue your normal routine almost immediately. Cryolipolysis is ideal for those who don’t want to take a long time off work and want to target certain body zones. This also means that Cryolipolysis only affects the area treated. You can see the results after a few months. Cryolipolysis can help you lose 25% to 30% of fat. This will help you achieve the slimmer silhouette you have always wanted. Are there Side Effects? Just like any other medical treatment, Cryolipolysis has side effects such as bruising, bruising, temporary redness and feeling of tenderness of the treated area. You don’t need to worry because these side effects will disappear after a while. Results can be seen within a few weeks, but are most noticeable at about two months. You may need to repeat your procedure every 4 to 6 months for optimum long-term results.Is the Effect for Good? Cryolipolysis is a good option for those who want to reduce fat because the treated fat is gone for good. However, you have to keep in mind that Cryolipolysis isn’t a weight loss treatment. It’s simply a fat reduction treatment. This method reduces the number of fat cells in the targeted area, and the remaining fat cells still work as normal. These fat cells are subject to getting smaller bigger depending on weight loss or gain. If you want to lose weight, you have to pair this method with proper diet and exercise as well as enough rest.