Moobs fat loss treatment Men

Moobs fat loss treatment Men

Ask men to name one of the most stubborn and unsightly places for fat to linger, and one answer will come up all the time: moobs. ‘Man boobs’ are notoriously hard to shift through the regular route of diet and exercise. However, a revolutionary new kind of treatment looks to be the moobs fat loss treatment men have been waiting for.

Fat freezing is a non-invasive and safe approach to body toning that is rapidly gaining ground. There are no incisions, and no lengthy recovery as with surgical procedures. Instead, special cooling equipment targets fat cells under the skin, gently breaking them down.

Interestingly, the technique was discovered by Harvard professors observing children eating popsicles. Scientists realised that ice-loving kids were developing dimples precisely where the cold treats were inhibiting fat cells inside the mouth.

Freeze those moobs and get on with life

Freezing techniques are the moobs fat loss treatment men can finally achieve success with, without disrupting their lives. There is virtually no downtime, as highly qualified operatives perform the procedure as daytime appointments. Discomfort is minimised thanks to the innovative equipment design. The treatment is so non-invasive, in fact, that most clients will read, browse the Internet, or even nap while the session takes place.

As well as being quite comfortable, the process is completely safe, and performed on countless patients worldwide already. Units have a failsafe function, for example, which prevents the temperature from ever getting too cold. Regarding sensation, the worst to expect may be a little numbness and some pulling from the suction cups that are used together with the gel pads. A small price to pay for that moobs fat loss treatment men are clamouring for!

Freezing version traditional fat burning

The science behind the technique underlines a clear difference between traditional fat loss through dieting and exercise, and fat freezing. Whilst dieting will only reduce the size of fat cells in those troublesome areas, fat freezing actually leads to their breakdown. As a result, the number of fat cells in the target zones may be reduced by up to 25%. They don’t simply move to other areas, either; broken down cells are processed and eliminated naturally by the body after treatment. They won’t come back, either, leaving your body more sculpted and those moobs a thing of the past.

The fat freezing journey

Starting out on your moob-freezing journey will kick off with a consultation to ascertain your individual needs. Based on that, anything from a single visit to multiple sessions will be recommended as the course of action. Fat Freezing treatment Solihull

In a world of diet and exercise fads, fat freezing may be one treatment worth getting excited about. Sometimes, it seems, there is an easier way to get that body you’ve always wanted.