Having A Tan Makes You More Attractive

Having A Tan Makes You More Attractive

Does having a tan skin really makes you more attractive? The answer to your question is YES. Tan color makes ones look more attractive. According to survey, more than 50% of women in UK feel more attractive in tan color than pale color. Women feel slimmer in tan. There sexy slimmer appearance makes them feel more confident. They feel that having a tan is more important than having manicure, pedicure or latest summer look. Tan comes in many colors bronze, golden, brown and dark brown.

Mostly women like to have their bodies exposed to sun in summers to get natural tan color. If they don’t want to get permanently tan they also use makeup sometimes to get that appealing look. Tan women absolutely look stunning. Tan is not only about appearance but it has health benefits as well. When a person naturally exposes skin to sun for getting tan, it helps in getting ample vitamin D for body also. Vitamin D is very important for body and shortage of it can cause a lot of problems as well. So, tanning solves the problem of shortage of vitamin D.

Tanning gives a sense of confidence and sexy slimmer appearance. Other than these tanning is socially desirable as well. People like tan color and likes to get tan. If people don’t want to get their skin exposed to sun they can get tan through indoor tanning saloons. They are in trend these days. These artificial tanning saloons make skin tan through spray. There are two methods for tanning either by using UV rays or without UV rays.

Tanning also comforts women psychologically as they get emotionally satisfied and happy. In addition, sun helps in improving energy and elevating mood. Tanning makes women feel confident about their looks. They feel nonchalant. Tanning induces a good mental state and gives a natural treatment for some skin diseases.

Despite of benefits of tanning one needs to be careful as well. Tanning can cause skin diseases due to UV rays so one needs to go through all pros and cons before getting tanned. In addition, one should wear goggles in order to protect their eyes from UV rays. In addition, continuous exposure to sun can decrease immune system and increases the risk of acquiring infectious diseases. Moreover, one should recommend doctor for time for tanning and also should not exceed time for tanning. Pregnant women should avoid tanning through UV rays. One should not use cosmetics before tanning and should use moisturizer after exposure to sun. Tanning also causes burns and increased chances of skin cancer.

It is true that tanning gives an enchanting and hot look but one should be careful while going through tanning process and even after that. No doubt, tanning makes one confident but being careful in advance is better than getting any harm. Beauty is essential but with caution. Pretty ladies out there! get tan but with safety measures and look charismatic and appealing.