Weight Loss Can Give You More Energy

We have all been at this point when we said something like, “I have to lose weight” or “Close now! IM on a diet.”


In most cases, this finding is followed by a hurried online research on the latest diet trends, which are currently the most popular. You will find what you are looking for, go on a shopping trip and cover yourself with every imaginable variety of fruit and vegetables suitable for juicing; gets all the maple syrup and cayenne pepper that you can drink and after a few days you actually lose the first pounds. Great!


Then comes the time when the weight loss stagnates and we get discouraged in our plan. “All this tormenting for the few pounds”, we think and are, before we know it, harder than before. But that does not have to work, does it?


Change eating habits


Let’s take a look at our daily pattern of nutrition and movement. To lose weight, there is no reason to eat less than 1200 calories of weight loss protein a day, to do cardio on an empty stomach or to train twice a day. Fat Freezing weight loss Lipo


At least eating less than what we consume should be enough. This means that either the calorie intake must be reduced or more energy needs to be consumed by exercise. The best results are obtained when both are combined. Already, a daily calorie deficit of 300-400 calories is enough to lose 0.5-1kg weight per week. This results in 4kg per month or up to 50kg in one year. Imagine how much easier you could be around this time next year.


Short-term crash diets are not designed for a longer period of time and are therefore doomed to failure. Most of us are already struggling to maintain a juice cure for a week, let alone a whole year. 400 calories are already less than some drinks from popular coffee shops contain and may be consumed by us every day on the way to work. Put a stop to such habits and the first step is done.


Successful and decrease in the long run


If you want to lose weight you should make 1-2 changes per week in your nutritional plan that will support your health. Drink water for lunch instead of sweet lemonade. Replace your typical dinner with a portion of grilled lean protein along with a salad or steamed vegetables.


Sipping quinoa instead of fries or salad instead of hearty mashed potatoes every evening may seem impossible at first, to see the results, it is enough to switch from 1-2 of these habits a week. Remove “bad” meals as often as possible from your diet and fill the gaps with healthier alternatives. Always remember all the meals of the week taken together decide whether to lose weight or to lose weight.


An increased protein intake can help you lose weight. When digesting protein, our body needs to apply more energy, like carbohydrates or fat. Thus, the consumption of protein burns more calories and at the same time increases the feeling of satiety. So if you usually consume cookies or a piece of cake in the afternoon during work, grab a protein shake instead.


This keeps your desire for sweet in Schacht; Because of foods with a high sugar content increase both the sugar level and the insulin concentration in the blood. This, in turn, can lead to increased fat storage. In addition, you should limit your alcohol consumption. Pure alcohol is high in calories but does not provide the body with any beneficial nutrients. Alcoholic beverages are composed of carbohydrates (high in sugars) and fats. Already half a liter of ordinary beer contains 200 calories, a large glass of wine almost 250 calories and a double vodka with cola makes it to just under 300 calories. Purposely abstaining from alcohol will not only help you lose weight but also benefit your health.


Successful and decrease in the long run


In some cases, an elevated level of alcohol tempts you to crown the nightly club visit with a kebab or pizza. These calories then join those already consumed by alcohol throughout the evening. But as soon as you stop these empty calories and see the first results, you will not miss the little bit of drinking on a Friday night.


You should not skip breakfast, it is better to postpone this. It’s true, having a meal will undoubtedly speed up your weight loss. Nonetheless, many people still find themselves eating more at other meals than they would otherwise.


The sum of calories consumed on that day will ultimately be as high or even higher. A deferred breakfast, however, gives your body the time to burn some of the fat reserves without going into starvation and, as a precautionary measure, storing each calorie taken. Replace the sweetened cereal in the morning with scrambled eggs of 2-3 eggs or Oatmeal with egg white powder and shifts the breakfast back by 1-2 hours. Get up, go to work and eat there; Get up, take a walk and have breakfast afterward.




Do what you want. If you love football, play football. If you’re interested in badminton, then do it. If you have to force yourself to go to the gym or go jogging in the morning, you will not go through it for long. It is the same principle as crash diets; For a while, you torture yourself, but eventually, you give up.


In the beginning, a daily 30-minute walk while losing weight can work wonders. Most people do not have to do hill sprints or HIIT units every day to make a difference. It’s enough to do more than you’ve been used to. And that leads me to my next point: starting slowly.


The slower you start, the more gradually you increase your physical activity or eliminate unfavorable foods, the more scope you will have when your body has adapted to the new circumstances. Each time the weight loss stagnates, you extend your daily walk by 15 minutes, replacing the next meal with a healthier alternative.


If you change your everyday life completely from the outset, eat healthy through and through and do sports twice a day, there is not much left that can be changed or there is simply no time to pack more exercise into your day the body has gotten used to all this.


Of course, you will eventually lose weight, but at this point, it will be hard to drive weight loss even further.




The most important thing is to look at the whole project in the long term. Set goals for the future, imagine what you want to accomplish in a year, and start converting to the first meals. Then choose a sport that is fun for you: walking, climbing, tennis. No matter what, the main thing is that you will enjoy it next or next year.


Find healthy dishes with lots of colorful vegetables and fruits that you really like. Once you start losing weight every week, you’ll be even more motivated to beat that success the following week.


Remember, weight loss can give you more energy but having a bad meal will not make you fat, any more than a single healthy meal makes you slim. If you’ve been eating unhealthy food for a day, do not let that throw you off track; The next day you continue as usual. If you keep the ball and concentrate fully on the changes in the positive, you will make long-term progress. And that’s what makes this trip so worthwhile.